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If you’re thinking about starting a business you’ve probably taken the initial step of putting together a basic or general plan. But like every endeavor, successful businesses develop and flourish from having thorough, proper business plans in place. So here are some key resources to help get you moving in the right direction:

Business Planning Tools:

Before Starting Your Business:

It may be necessary to register with the following agencies before operating your business in Nebraska:

Nebraska Secretary of State (402-471-4079)
The Secretary of State is responsible for registering trade names and business names. It is important to register with the Secretary of State if doing business as anything other than yourself.

Internal Revenue Service (1-800-829-4933)
The IRS issues Employer Identification Numbers, the unique number that identifies your business. Check with the IRS to see if you need an EIN or contact the IRS with questions.

Nebraska Department of Revenue (402-471-5823)
It is necessary to register with the Department of Revenue if you will have employees, engage in retail sales, rent or lease property, or provide any taxable services. In order to register, fill out the Form 20 on the Department of Revenue's website and submit it according to the form instructions. If you have any questions, review the Frequently Asked Questions section on NDOR's website or contact them.

Nebraska Department of Labor (402-471-9898)
The Department of Labor handles Unemployment Insurance, New Hire reporting, contractor registration, and other labor-related programs. If you are planning on hiring employees, please contact the Department of Labor to ensure you are properly covered.

Publicly Funded Business Counseling & Training:

Legal Services:

Accounting Services:

Other Resources:

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